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Employee Engagement

Engage your employees in a whole new way

Create an open and unifying organizational culture, drive employee loyalty and trust, enable world class rewards and recognition for employees


All you need to create an amazing Employee Experience

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Leadership Connect

Communicate timely & effectively, leadership board, announcement s


Culture of Recognition

Create a culture of mutual respect and common goal, feedback, affirmation. peer to peer recognition, award badges of appreciation 



Create fun opportunities, boost morale, environment of healthy competition


HR Matters

Build your employee brand, reaffirm company values and behavior, Link it to Rewards



Boost collaboration and engagement with gamification coupled with rewards and social media connectivity

Health and Wellness

Leverage technology to drive better health and wellness outcome.

Seamless Induction

Digitize New Joiner Onboarding and Orientation



Gain real time insights, quick and easy to implement surveys and polls


Customized Application tailored to your Needs.

Anyone who has used Social Media will intuitively know how to use our Employee App. Except this one is fully branded to your organization. From colours to labels, It's all yours! We design Engagement solution considering your goals and priorities to enhance your Employee Experience.

Identify Problems.png

Identify problems in time to take actions.

Amazing work cultures built on Organizational trust don’t just spring up overnight. They come from amplifying Employee voices and then making the right changes. Create Pulse Surveys instantly on your Employee App and get real-time Actionable Feedback.

Understand Engagement in real-time with Benepik.

Our Powerful Content Management and Analytics allow you to measure the effectiveness of your engagement and communication efforts. Managers can quickly take the most impactful actions to build stronger teams and improve business performance across a global, diverse workforce. See into your Organization like never before.


Upgrade your New Hire Journey

Building commitment and excitement for New Hire as they start.

Job interviews

Reinvent your onboarding journey.

Create a new hire journey that is easy to implement. Showcase the best parts of your company with the app so it looks and feels like your company. Create a culture of engagement with new joiners, hiring managers and colleagues. Decrease time-to-productivity for new hires and minimize HR workload.

Put experience at the centre of your onboarding journey

Digitalize new hire data collection for a scalable future. Build interactive quizzes and forms to get your new hire up to speed with the company ‘need-to-knows’. Schedule check-ins at crucial points of your new hire journey and set reminders for new hires, managers, and colleagues so nothing slips through the cracks. Provide answers whenever your new hire needs them.


Make joining your organization easy.

Give new employees everything they need to get started while reducing the effort required from HR. Standardize your onboarding workflow across all departments and save time for your HR team. Provide every new joiner with all the resources they need to hit the ground running. Help new hires integrate with the company and start getting involved right away.

Personalised journey

Every Company has a Unique Onboarding Process for its New Joiners. Automate the process to connect, engage & wow the New Employees.

Paperless Onboarding

Create a Consistent Experience and reduce administration by Digitalizing the Welcoming of New Hires.

New Joiner Engagement

Simplify and Streamline the Welcoming of New Employees before their first day.


HR Speaks

“Employee engagement is the measure of the relationship between employees and an organization. Empower your employees by allowing them to shape their work environment in ways that help them to grow their skills and perform at their best. Hire autonomous people, don't overreact when mistakes are made and give your employees the tools they need to reach their goals. A strong employee experience is one of the most powerful investments your organization can make.”

Manuj Mittal, CIO, Microsystems Technologies and Healthcare

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