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3D Twin - IOT

Cloudworx Studio

The No-Code platform for building Enterprise Metaverse


What is Enterprise Metaverse?


Consumer Metaverse

Concerts, events, games, tools, playgrounds, and collaborative gamification of social networks in 3D


Enterprise Metaverse

Converting real-applications to 3D processes and interacting with them on traditional computing devices

Introducing Cloudworx Studio


Tech patent granted by USPTO US10381831B2

The old way…


Use cases and current deployments


Industry 4.0


3D Heatmaps (Energy/CO2)


Ports & Terminals


Waste Management


3D CCTV Solutions


Smart Homes


Smart Buildings


Brand Metacampus


3D Web Editor

We've built a 3D workspace to import 3D models and connect them to data sources via APIs. Using the 3D web editor, create a 3D replica of your building which can be used in AR, VR, and MR platforms or even on your web and mobile applications providing real-time insights, monitoring, control, and actioning of smart devices and processes in the building. 


No need to download any game-engines and spend on costly licenses of 3D software, you can run our 3D workspace on any browser. 



NoCode Twinmaker

Harbouring data from more than 5000 compatible devices for control, automation, sensor telemetry; you can create visual representations in 2D and 3D of the graphic elements for your dashboards, reports, web, and mobile apps. 


The Digital Twin acts as a separate IoT platform for the building, permitting facility management teams to operate and maintain building devices optimally.


Report builder

One of the biggest assets of the platform is our Report Builder that is built on top of our NoCode Application Editor. It allows you to create predictive and preventive analytics using connected devices, databases, reports, and other data sources. 

We've packed the whole process of training, building, deploying, and building algorithms in 1-click. You don't even need to have any prior ML experience to play around with the editor and create your own reports that can be shared with stakeholders. 



NoCode Simulations

One of the biggest advantages of having digital twins is the ability to simulate data and events and understand how all the connected elements will behave in the digital twin app. 


You can now do this with our NoCode Data Simulation module. 

We allow you to simulate virtual sensors and virtual data sources as input to your digital twin app and help you create better predictive and preventive solutions. 


3D Heatmaps

By linking IoT data directly to 3D models and assets, you can now create 3D heatmaps for energy consumption, carbon credits, interactions, usage, occupancy, and much more. Move around the 3D heatmap in different views for the machines, floor, building, and even entire properties in one seamless interaction. 

Think of it as an entirely new way of visualizing your data in 3D instead of going through numerous charts and graphs. Thereby, helping you make decisions better, faster, and in a more efficient way than ever before. 



Own The Code

Unlike other NoCode and LowCode platforms, we don't leave you with any dependencies on us to extend your application. We give you the full code output for the Frontend, Backend, 3D, and Application so that your technical team can build proprietary solutions on top of the code. 

Own the code.png

A service-oriented cloud platform bundled with a web & desktop application for no-code development

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