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Rewards and Recognition

Rewards and Recognition made simple

Put Recognition at the heart of your company culture.

Send and receive rewards a whole new way.

Make the entire experience digital and seamless.

Coffee break

Employee Benefits

  • Global redemption at over 1000+ Brands

  • Multiple options including retail, telecom, prepaid card,  dining, e-com, travel etc.

Interface Designer in the Office

Superlative Experience

  • Integrate with your HRMS

  • White label offering,  

  • Full end-to-end solution

  • Superlative user experience

Laughing During a Meeting

Convenient Handling

  • Multimode reward distribution incl. WhatsApp

  • Customizable and ready to use.

  • Pay as you use


Peer to Peer Recognition

When peer-to-peer recognition is frequent, visible and meaningful, it becomes part of an employee’s everyday habits. Sending a colleague a “job well done!” for their latest project, welcoming a new team member aboard their first day or showcasing a peer who went above and beyond – recognition has value at every step of the employee experience.

Instant Employee Shout-Out

Our on-demand manager-to-employee recognition tool helps managers to reward their team members or peers with instant awards. This helps provide immediate reinforcement for behaviors important to your company. Even easier, recipients can redeem their award on the spot via any device thanks to a smartphone-friendly design and instantly shop with it.


Schedule gift for every Occasion

Delight your Channel Partner & Employees on the days that matter most to them. Schedule rewards for their Work Anniversaries and Birthdays to ensure they feel valued. Employees and Managers receive alerts and notifications in real-time to extend the moment far beyond the initial “send”.

Power To Choose

Send gifts that make recipients feeling appreciated. The best part - We take the guesswork out of gift-giving. Let the recipients choose the gifts they actually want from 200+ options of leading nationwide Brands.


Use WhatsApp as a medium to receive rewards. As convenient as that!


Send rewards via simple to use Admn Panel.

Manage your R&R budget and integrate with your financial systems


Pre defined Campaigns

Select from multiple pre built templates and send rewards in Real Time.


Budget Management

Assign budget to different cost centers and campaigns. Track spends in real-time.


E-Gift Cards

From electronics to top merchandises, grocery to fashion, recipients can choose from the trendiest and most desired gifts.

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