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Channel Loyalty

Channel Partner Loyalty

AI based and App driven Channel loyalty solution

Amplify Brand Connect, Boost Performance & Drive Engagement with Channel Partners


Engage and boost sales


Engage & Incentivize

  • Drive loyalty via incentivization

  • Omni Channel ready - Bring Distributors, Vendors, Retailers etc. on one platform 

  • Build direct connect with Retailers.

Modern Work Space

Train & Supervise

  • Digitally train them on new products. Help spot opportunities. Gamification

  • Supervise effectively and remotely.

Business Consultation

Simple & Effective

  • Realtime sales dashboard at unit level.. 

  • Integrate with SAP.  Take timely actions

  • Go live in 48 hours

Build Efficiency

Woman confirming her delivery on smartphone

Just in Time

  • Place orders just in time, and track orders

  • Instant feedback on new initiatives and launches

Online Store

Manage & Control

  • Manage and control in-store activity

Chart analysis

Value Added Analytics

  • Analyze channel partner behavior and preferences

  • New initiative cost-benefit analysis 


Sales Tracking

You need to be able to track, consolidate and compare partners' performances to understand how they deliver the best results. Drill down and see insights like never before. The faster you can find out what really drives results, the faster you can optimize towards growth.

Campaign Management

Every Channel Partner is Unique. Behavioral insights can help Brands deliver personalized campaigns and boost partners' performances.
Brands can easily launch, schedule, quickly coordinate and monitor the performance of every Channel Partner.


Build Partner Capabilities

Effective collaboration, knowledge transfer and training of Channel Partners can enrich the customer experience. Training should be adapted keeping in view the needs of individual Partners. Leverage Emerging techniques such as Simulation, Role Play, Peer Learning and Audio-video content for lasting impact.

Create Sense of Belonging

True loyalty is emotional and irrational. Let your Loyalty Program be more than be about earning points. Provide them with personalized rewards and recognize their unique contributions to the organization. Make them feel like they're part of an exclusive community.


Leverage Predictive insights

Brands need to transform the experience they deliver to partners— one that will help partners be more responsive to and create stickiness among end customers.
Paired with the right combination of rich internal and external data, analytics and machine learning can enable Brands to boost Partner Performance- And personalize campaigns and sales support

An intuitive, robust, easy-to-launch Channel engagement solution to maximize your Channel Partner network.

Sticky Notes


Send small reminders in form of Nudges to drive specific behavioral outcomes.



Leverage Gamification to reinforce desired behaviors such as Service Levels, Responsiveness and Relationship.

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Real-Time Rewards

Recognize Channel Partners with real-time rewards as they achieve milestones.

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